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Hi, I'm Louise Morelli

Louise Morelli, Gently to Sleep - certified infant and child sleep consultant

It is such a privilege to be a certified infant and child sleep consultant.  I love my work and I love the changes it brings to tired families.

As a mum I too know the sleep deprivation a new baby brings.  Being a zombie mum (or 'mombie!) is no fun at all.  I have a passion for baby sleep and for helping other tired mums.  

I am fully certified and qualified to work with babies and children from newborn up to the fifth birthday and have worked with families all over the world.

My approach is holistic, gentle and takes into consideration the temperament and needs of both baby and parents and the family dynamic.  I have successfully helped many families regain their precious sleep and am here to support you every step of the way.  Take a look at my testimonials page to read comments from happy parents.  I congratulate parents on their successes every day and my goal is to create rested little ones and parents.  This is why I do this work and I love every successful outcome!

Sleep deprivation has a negative effect on all areas of family life.  Rested parents and babies have the energy to fully enjoy life and this is the gift I'd love to give to you!

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Frequently asked questions

So how does the process work?


Following our 15 minute consultation call, the first step is that I will send you a detailed questionnaire which will ask about all aspects of your child’s sleep, feeding and daily life. I will often also ask for a sleep and activity log to be completed by the parents so I can see what is going on. From this I will start work on your child’s personalised sleep assessment and plan. Sometimes I’ll give parents a quick call to ask a few more questions if I need further clarification on certain points. The completed assessment will be emailed to the parents and the period of support will start (unless a basic plan option is chosen). This period usually lasts for 2-3 weeks although it may last longer in certain cases.  During this time I will check in regularly to ensure everything is going to plan and amend the plan if necessary

Is my child the right age for sleep training?

I work with babies and children from four weeks right up to the fifth birthday. However for newborn babies under four months of age this is less structured.  My approach to newborn sleep is super gentle and and this is due to a newborn baby having immature sleep biorhythms which are still developing. I do however look at all aspects of newborn sleep such as sleep environment, sleep props, age appropriate awake time, feeding and growth.  I also look at using an appropriate settling technique to start getting improvement in terms of sleep and to help develop lifelong healthy sleep habits.​

Is this guaranteed to work?

There is no 100% guarantee that my suggested plan and methods will work as each baby or toddler is different, every family situation is different and success depends on parents being consistent with the plan.  However if parents are consistent then there will definitely be big improvements and in most cases a resolution of problems.  I've had success so far with all my client families who have followed their sleep plan!

What sort of sleep package is right for us?

It all depends on your preferred level of support and mode of communication. Some parents just want clarification on what they should be doing and then are happy to go it alone (basic package). The majority of parents would like regular check ins with me and in truth this method gives much better results as I’m able to see any problems that arise or tweaks that need to be made. My ‘gold standard’ package involves me visiting your home to assess the sleep environment and talk through problems and solutions with parents. I will also demonstrate settling methods and ensure all parts of the plan are implemented properly. 

If you still need help with deciding please feel free to contact me as I can talk you through each option and help with your decision.

I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss your sleep situation.  Here, I can offer some guidance and help understand your and your child's sleep needs.  Based on this, I will recommend which package could be best for you and your little one. Remember, I will be here to guide you through the process and cheer you on along the way!

I don't live in Monaco. How will you conduct a consult?


For those in Monaco and along the Cote d’Azur I will be able to organise an in-house consultation with you. 

For all other clients I can easily do face to face consultations via Skype/Facetime or alternatively we can chat via telephone/Skype/WhatsApp audio/Viber/Messenger audio.


I have twins. Can you work with them?

Yes, absolutely! 

I have lots of experience of working with twins.  

If you require a sleep assessment for just one or for both twins, the price is exactly the same.