Welcome to The Village

The saying that “it takes a village to raise a child” is as relevant now as it has been throughout history. Parents need support and guidance when raising their children and this in turn benefits all the family.

Traditionally this support was provided by family members and neighbours, and in previous generations families stayed geographically close and this village was easy to achieve. Unfortunately for many parents they are living away from their families, often in different countries and time zones, so their village needs to be created in a different way. This is particularly common in Monaco and it can often feel overwhelming and frankly quite lonely for a new mum.

This is where this page can help…

Here are details of recommended individuals and organisations that can provide support and guidance for parents and their children. It also includes details of activities and events where parents can meet and new friendships made.

This area is updated regularly.

FREE talk - Newborn Sleep

Social, Groups, Education & Events

St Paul's Parent and Baby Group


A fantastic playgroup in the library below St Paul’s Anglican Church in Avenue de Grande Bretagne, Monaco. 

The playgroup is open Monday and Thursday morning from 9.15am-11.45am and provides a safe and stimulating setting for babies and toddlers to play and parents to meet. 

It costs just 3 Euros. Coffee, tea (sometimes cake!) and a very warm welcome is offered to all the community.




KidooLand in Vallauris-Sophia Antipolis

Rainbows (20 months+)

Explorers (30 months+)

Kindergarten (3-5-year olds) 

There are 3 playgroups (in English) for children that include lots of fun and stimulating activities, such as: art, cookery, games, baby gym, dance, gardening, reading… 

KidooLand uses a variety of teaching methods, including Montessori style activities, to help children learn and grow, whilst they are busy playing! 

Available again from September 2018. 

Telephone: 04 93 64 53 54 






A Monaco-based non-profit organisation. 

We encourage girls and boys to challenge deeply held life-limiting gender stereotypes and to realise their full potential, independent of their gender. 

SheCanHeCan also works to recognise the achievements and contributions of great female leaders throughout herstory. By looking back, we can inspire the future."





Patati & Patatra


Classes and talks for little ones and their parents.

Telephone: 06 64 34 80 26 


Nido Parent & Baby Sessions


Mondays & Fridays at KidooLand in Vallauris-Sophia Antipolis.

A fun, stimulating and safe environment for parents (and carers) with babies of up to 3 years of age with sessions alternating between music and movement, messy play, yoga, baby sensory activities and of course lots of songs and rhymes to develop early speech and language skills. 

Most importantly there’s lots of bonding time and precious memories between parent and baby. It’s also a great opportunity for parents to meet other parents! 

Available again from September 2018. 

Telephone: 04 93 64 53 54 



Bim Bum Baby


Bim Bum Baby organises regular art and activity classes, storytime and music classes across Monaco on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

They can also come to your child’s birthday party on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Lots of fun!

Simona 07 78 84 50 43


Health and medical



Dr Horst Bongard

Le Forum, 3eme etage 

33 Boulevard General Leclerc

06240 Beausoleil


Tel: 04 93 41 80 62

Email: bongard@wanadoo.fr

A warm, friendly and knowledgeable doctor who speaks English, French and German.

Midwife/Sage Femme


Madame Stephanie Coudrain

4 Boulevard de la Republique

2eme etage

06240 Beausoleil


Tel: 06 45 87 35 43

Email: stephanie.coudrain@gmail.com



Principality Nannies

Website: www.principalitynannies.com

Email: info@principalitynannies.com

Telephone:  06 26 90 68 75

Contact Sarah Reeve. She’s an absolute professional, so friendly and works really hard to find the perfect match for families needing childcare, whether it's a full time nanny, maternity nurse or babysitter.  



Dr Nathalie Remediani, 

Dr Carine Remediani

2 Avenue Camille Blanc
06240 Beausoleil

Phone number+33 4 93 78 01 24

Both are friendly, approachable and very professional and speak French and English.

Paediatric Osteopath


Dr Marjorie Moutard


Telephone: 06 27 30 34 54



Madame Karima Zarquane

Centre L’Alcazar

3 Boulevard General Leclerc

06240 Beausoleil


Telephone: 06 11 12 61 48

Email: karizarq@sfr.fr

A great physiotherapist specialising in pre and postnatal care with specialisation in pelvic floor rehabilitation (reeducation perineale). 

French and English spoken.


Ayurvedic Massage/Trigger Point Therapy


Lucy Coote

Ginger Lime and Honey


Telephone: 06 25 13 12 25

Email: lucy@gingerlimeandhoney.com

Lucy is so lovely!  She's calm, knowledgeable and her treatment will leave you feeling rested and revitalised.  She works on adults and children from 7 years of age.

English and French spoken

Health and Nutrition Coaching


Madeleine Karlsson

Nutrition for Naughty People


Telephone: 06 72 23 52 51

Website: www.nutritionfornaughtypeople.com

Maddy is a Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach.  She works with individuals who want to improve their health, have more energy, feel more confident, improve their digestion, their skin and lose weight in a way that is fun and compatible with their lifestyle.

She is easy-going and very approachable. Highly recommended!

Prenatal and Postnatal Massage


Louise Morelli

Pregnancy Wellness Monaco


Telephone: 06 31 80 10 10

Email: pregnancywellness@hotmail.com


Home visits exclusively for specialised wellness massage during pregnancy and beyond. 

English and French spoken.



Madeleine Karlsson

MK Pilates


Telephone: 06 72 23 52 51

Website: www.mkpilates.mc

Maddy is an advanced level Pilates Trainer with over 10 years teaching experience in Monaco and abroad.  She specialises in individual training for those who want to increase their strength, flexibility, mobility and control in a way that respects the body, improves posture and prevents injuries.



Louise Vaughan-Arbuckle

Holistic Approaches

Beausoleil and Antibes

Telephone: 06 83 26 84 86

email: relax@holistic-approaches.com

Website: www.holistic-approaches.com

Fertility and maternity reflexology.

Louise is amazing!  Her reflexology is on another level and WORKS!!  She is kind, approachable and so incredibly good at what she does.  Once you've had a session with Louise you'll never go to anyone else.  She does so much more than reflexology.  Look at her website for details.

English and French spoken.



Lucy Coote

Ginger Lime and Honey


Telephone: 06 25 13 12 25

Email: lucy@gingerlimeandhoney.com

Private yoga tuition in the comfort of your own home.  Lucy is very experienced and a wonderful teacher.  She has a wonderful, calming manner and works with all levels of ability from complete beginner to expert.

English and French spoken

Travel and Leisure


Manoir de Jouralem

Rue de Jouralem


Pays De La Loire


Telephone: 06 59 49 33 93 

Email: reception@manoirdejouralem.com

Website: www.manoirdejouralem.com



Manoir de Jouralem is a lovely Bed & Breakfast near Angers, Loire Valley, France which opened on 1st August 2018.  It is run by wine & gourmet food loving Brits, Mel & Hywel and they will give you a really warm welcome.

You can book direct or through booking.com