Baby T, 3 months old

Louise was such a great help when I had reached my limit and struggled with my second baby at 3 months. Just hearing her gentle and caring voice on the phone gave me the support I needed and the encouragement to power through and install a structure and a routine. 

Baby K, 4 months old

My 4 month old was in the middle of a sleep regression when I called Louise. After an hour chat, I received a wonderful email outlining the basics and how to properly address the issues my baby was having with her sleep patterns.  Louise provided a straight forward and customised routine, every step of the way! Honestly a life changer! 

Baby P, 6 months old

Thanks so much to Louise who helped me establish a better sleep time routine with my baby (6 months old at the time). As an experienced Mum I didn’t think there was much I didn’t know about babies until I had one who didn’t sleep at all at night. 

Thankfully, after some sound advice my daughter now sleeps much better and I feel a lot more human. It was great to speak to someone who could give great advice and who knew from personal experience how I was feeling. Thanks again Louise. I would definitely recommend your services to others. 


Baby S, 8 months old

Louise is amazing in what she does. She helped us a lot.  I appreciate her advice and still use it. I was so tired but now I feel full of energy and that's because of good sleep :). 

If you are a tired and exhausted mum, don't hesitate to contact Louise, I'm pretty sure she can help you like she helped me - for that a big thank you Louise! 

Hope you will work your business a long time and solve many problems of many tired mums. 

Baby J, 10 months old

Thanks to Louise, my 10-month-old son is now sleeping through the night and settles on his own at nap time and bedtime. Compared to before (frequent wakings, rocking to sleep, etc.) this is nothing short of a miracle. 

Louise was extremely professional, suggested routines and settling methods that really worked and kept me and my son on track by following up on our progress daily. I would recommend her to anyone with baby sleep troubles. Best investment I have ever made.”

Baby E, 13 months old

Thank you for all your help, your dedication has been extremely appreciated.  We would have never got so far with our baby's sleep improvements, and never mind this quickly, without you.  It is so nice now to have our evenings back and have our days more organised.  

It was a true pleasure working with you.  Even through our most frustrated days you knew how to reassure us, and you are so kind and been so generous with your time!  I will definitely recommend you to any tired parent I come across, and already have passed your contact to someone who knows someone in need. I will definitely be contacting you again, much sooner in the process, if baby no.2 ever comes along.

Thank you, sincerely, again from the three of us.

Twins, 14 months old

Louise is great and I can highly recommend her!!! Louise’s help has been amazing and she has changed our lives!  

It was unbelievable to see how quickly my 1 year old twins would adapt to their new daily routine. They are not only eating much better now but are happy to go to sleep and finally both sleep through the nights so mum and dad can have peaceful evenings again! 

I really appreciated her gentle, understanding and motivating approach. Thank you so much Louise for your amazing help!   

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